I Hate to Write

Before requesting a student to produce a paper/pencil assignment, consider the reason or purpose for the writing task. Is it to express creative thought, share his knowledge, to create a study guide, assessment, to practice a new lesson or for another reason?
Then decide what is the most successful way for the student to share the information? Perhaps it's a short task that involves easy familiar information for the student to share. and pencil and paper are not a "big deal."
Or perhaps there are several components to the assignment that takes more cognitive thought processing, more working memory, sentence structure and sequential thought. All areas that are frequently difficult for many of our students.
Keyboarding, word prediction app or software, speech to text software or app or electronic voice note app may make the job so much simpler, successful and build self-esteem. Could the student create a collage, clay project, draw a picture, or verbally share the information with another?
Start with what is the purpose of this assignment and how can my student truly be successful.
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