I Hate to Write

Most students with autism hate to write. Even simple writing assignments require skills in language, organization, sensory, and visual motor areas. I Hate to Write is a new book from autism consultants Kathy Oehler and Cheryl Boucher that helps teachers look at the writing process through the eyes of a student with autism. By focusing on the four aspects of writing that are most problematic for students with ASD - language, organization, sensory, and visual motor skills - teachers will learn new ways to help students with ASD become happy, successful writers.

Book Release Date

We are pleased to announce that I Hate to Write was released in February 2013 by Autism Asperger Publishing Company. Click Herefor more information.

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"I Hate To Write"

  • While working with a third grade student on his writing with a text to speech (talking word processor) the child responded "she just keeps reading on and on and on and on! "
    The reason: the student had not put in any punctuation so he heard back one huge run on sentence without punctuation.
    Talking word processing software programs are beneficial for students who experience difficulty editing their written composition. When editing their own written communication, they often read what they thought they wrote, and therefore do not catch their errors. Talking word processing software gives students the opportunity to hear exactly what they wrote. The students are then able to edit their writing.Free talking word processor
    On an iPad you can tap on a document and select what you want to hear back by tapping on "select all "or highlight what you want to hear. Then an option appears of"speak." Tap on speak and it is then read to the student while he can focus on only listening.

    WordTalk - A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word. For people with reading and writing difficulties, having text reinforced by hearing it read aloud can be very useful.
  • Even Math involves writing!!
    Check out the Mod Math app! Your student can use the touch pad to do his math problems and print a copy without needing to pick up a pencil :)

    Mod Math App - Free Math Worksheet App
    ModMath is a new iPad app developed for individuals with dyslexia and dysgraphia to produce basic math problems. And, if that isn't good enough the app is (currently) free! If you have searched ...

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