I Hate to Write

Most students with autism hate to write. Even simple writing assignments require skills in language, organization, sensory, and visual motor areas. I Hate to Write is a new book from autism consultants Kathy Oehler and Cheryl Boucher that helps teachers look at the writing process through the eyes of a student with autism. By focusing on the four aspects of writing that are most problematic for students with ASD - language, organization, sensory, and visual motor skills - teachers will learn new ways to help students with ASD become happy, successful writers.

Book Release Date

We are pleased to announce that I Hate to Write was released in February 2013 by Autism Asperger Publishing Company. Click Herefor more information.

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"I Hate To Write"

  • Why do I need to write?
    Many students with autism may not understand the purpose of why we need to perform the horrible task of writing. The typical reasons that we share about the importance of written communication may not be meaningful. However, an interest in attempting to write may grow when we provide to them personally purposeful reasons to write. Reasons that may be personally motivating such as the following :
    *asking your child to create a list of snack suggestions from the grocery store,
    *write an invitation to a peer to join them for a special activity
    *write or type a birthday wish list
    * ideas for week end plans
    *write or type a persuasive paragraph on why they should be able to stay up late on the week end, have a treat, need for a new computer, ect
    *if you are on the phone ask your child to write down their question or thought for you. You will read it as soon as you are done with your phone call.
    Even for high interest topics, remember many writers will need the support of visuals/pictures to support their writing.
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